Polysomnogram (Sleep Study)

A polysomnogram is an overnight diagnostic study used in the evaluation of many sleep disorders including sleep apnea and periodic limb movement disorder. Monitoring devices will be placed to measure breathing, heart rate, oxygen level, leg movements, snoring, and brain waves in order to determine sleep stages. Most people do not find it difficult to fall asleep despite the monitors.

If you are scheduled for an overnight Polysomnogram you should arrives at the Sleep Center around 9 p.m. The study is conducted throughout the night during sleep. Most people are ready to leave early the next morning and can resume normal activities.

Prior to coming in for a polysomnogram, everyone receives a questionnaire in the mail that helps the staff interpret the results of the test. A brief clinic visit is also scheduled prior to testing to review the testing procedure, acclimate one to the sleep lab and to answer any questions.

Anyone who cannot come for their Polysomnogram at the scheduled time is asked to call (717) 316-2229 as soon as possible so the time can be used for someone on our waiting list.