Rehab Locations

Our Rehab Centers are located throughout the greater Hanover area.  Use the map below to find the center closest to you. Then visit the section menu to find out more information about that location.

  1. Hillside Rehab

    250 Fame Ave., Suite 100
    Hanover, PA
    (717) 316-7330

  2. Cherry Tree Rehab

    785 Cherry Tree Ct.
    Hanover, PA
    (717) 316-7030
    Note: Cherry Tree will be closed for renovations June 25 to July 6. Patients of Cherry Tree Rehab will be seen at the Hillside location during this period.

  3. Pediatric Specialty Therapy

    400 York Street
    Hanover, PA
    (717) 316-7337

  4. Littlestown Rehab

    300 W. King St.
    Lower Level
    Littlestown, PA
    (717) 359-4078

  5. Thistle Hill Rehab

    2030 Thistle Hill Dr.
    Suite 202
    Spring Grove, PA
    (717) 225-6671