Volunteer Services

Every day of the year, volunteers donate their valuable time and efforts to help Hanover Hospital complete its mission to the community. Their smiles and caring ways brighten the day for patients, visitors and staff!

Adult volunteers at Hanover Hospital work in positions with direct patient contact and in behind-the-scenes administrative and support service areas.

Hanover Hospital offers the following volunteer opportunities:

For more information, please call the Volunteer Service Department at (717) 316-2136.

Message From the Director

Our dedicated volunteers commit their time, energy, skills and talents to help make our organization the best it can be. I am proud to share with you the 2014 Annual Report for the Department of Volunteer Services.

From this report, you will learn more about the extraordinary services and programs supported by our volunteers over the past calendar year. These accomplishments come from those who give the gift of compassion, unselfish caring, patience, and service that inspire us all.

Thank you to all our extraordinary volunteers who truly make a difference!
Connie Klunk
Director, Volunteer Services