Our Most Recent DAISY Honoree

Congratulations to Stephen Wright, RN, Emergency Department – Our DAISY Award honoree in September 2016!

To be recognized as a DAISY Honoree, a nurse’s clinical skill and compassionate care exemplify the kind of nurse that our patients, their families, and our staff recognize as an outstanding role model. This nurse consistently meets all of the following criteria:

  • Exemplary Service
  • Compassionate Care
  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Advocacy Professionalism
  • Dedication by Consistently Going Above and Beyond

Stephen Wright, and RN in the Emergency Department, was nominated by a patient's mother for "exhibit[ing] maturity, wisdom and compassion," with her daughter and new granddaughter.

"Our daughter delivered her daughter [a few months ago]. [A week later,] she developed a high fever of 103 degrees, shaking chills and abdominal pain. Dr. Peck called ahead and Stephen took care of her in the ED. As a nurse with 38 years of acute care experience, I expect high clinical standards and he met my expectation. Beyond that, he delivered the heart of nursing. He was gentle, compassionate and understanding of my concerns and insights. When it was time for an embarrassing procedure, he asked a female nurse to step in. That was big for a young, first time mother and a first time hospital patient.

Stephen exhibited exceptional insight to the emotional needs of a frightened young mother about to be separated from her newborn daughter. He is a new nurse in his first position and yet exhibited maturity, wisdom and compassion. He is a compliment to Hanover Hospital staff and I’d be proud to be his co-worker.  Thank you to him for a job well done!"

~ C.G., mother of a patient

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