Pediatrics FAQ

What if my child has surgery?

If your child has surgery he/she will remain on the unit until they go to the operating room. At that time, you can wait for your child in his or her room on pediatrics until the surgery is finished. One of the healthcare team members will contact you and give you an update when the surgery has been completed. For the first hour or two your child will remain in the PACU area, and when they are awake and stable they will be brought to the room where you are waiting.

What do I need to bring to the hospital for my child?

We have some hospital-type clothing, but if your child would be more comfortable in their own clothing please bring it in. Also, if there are items such as a blanket or toy that will help comfort your child, you may also bring this in as well. If there are electronic devices that you would like to bring in to occupy your child you may do so, but they will need to be checked by our maintenance department before they may be plugged in to the wall.

Where will I sleep when my child is in the hospital?

There are recliners, beds, and cots available for you to sleep in while your child is staying with us in the hospital. These sleeping arrangments will be located in the room in which your child is staying.

What if I am breast feeding my child, and my child is admitted to the hospital?

If you are breast feeding, we encourage you to stay with your child. There is a lactation nurse available for us to contact if there are any breast feeding concerns.

What do I do for meals while my child is in the hospital?

You will be given a menu and you can order a guest tray. Breakfast costs $2.00 and Lunch and Dinner are $5.00.

If you are breast feeding, you will be given a menu so that you can eat while being here with your child; there will be no cost incurred for meals for breastfeeding mothers. You may also visit the cafeteria (Nadine's Cafe) on the basement floor for more options.

Can I bring food in for my child?

Please check with your healthcare provider or nurse before bringing any meals, snacks or treats to the hospital, because your child may have dietary restrictions.