Pricing Information for Most Common Procedures

UPMC Pinnacle Hanover is providing this estimated price list for charges of our most common procedures. The hospital’s charges are the same for all patients, but a patient’s responsibility may vary, depending on individual health insurers. To obtain pricing information for services not listed below, please contact our Chargemaster Coordinator at 717-316-7102.

These prices are correct as of July 1, 2018.

The following list does not include charges for anesthesia, drugs, or supplies required for a particular procedure. Fees for physician services or anesthesia administration are also not reflected, and will be billed separately by your physician.

Room and Board - Per Day Charges

Private 1,079.00
Semi-Private 1,079.00
Critical Care 2,832.00

Cardiac Services

93307 Echocardiogram 1,407.00
C8928 Stress Echo with Contrast 2,510.00
93798 Cardiac Rehabilitation – Initial Visit 271.75
93017 Treadmill Stress Test 624.75

Labor & Delivery Charges

Average Vaginal Delivery* 11,109.36
Average Cesarean Section Delivery* 19,805.84
59025 Fetal Non-Stress Test 456.50

*Fees are average for these services and generally vary from patient to patient.

Laboratory Charges

85025 CBC w/Auto Diff 79.75
80053 Comprehensive Metabolic Panel 231.75
80061 Coronary Risk Profile 121.00
85610 Prothrombin Time 49.00
80048 Basic Metabolic Panel 157.50
84443 Thyroid Stimulating Hormone 152.75
83036 Glycohemoglobin 97.75
87086 Culture Urine 68.50
81001 Urinalysis Routine 67.00
82306 Vitamin D 136.00

Physical Therapy Charges

97113 Aquatic Therapy (15 Min Intervals) 81.25
97014 Electrical Stimulation 73.00
97116 Gait Training (15 Min Intervals) 96.00
97161 Physical Therapy Evaluation 230.75
97035 Ultrasound (15 Min Intervals) 93.00

Other Procedures

Procedure prices are based upon one primary procedure. The following charges do not include fees for drugs, supplies or additional ancillary procedures that may be required for a particular procedure.

45378 Colonoscopy - Diagnostic 1,260.50
G0121 Colonoscopy - Screening 1,260.50
45330 Sigmoidoscopy 1,120.75
43235 Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (EGD) 1,077.75
95810 Sleep Study with EEG 2,974.75
95806 Home Sleep Study 699.25


76700 Abdomen Complete 1,080.25
76642 Breast 427.50
76817 Transvaginal Complete Pregnancy 545.50

X-Rays and Radiological Charges

71046 Chest X-Ray (2 Views) 247.50
77067 Mammogram, Digital-Bilateral Screen 301.25
77066 Mammogram, Digital-Bilateral Diagnostic 389.75
74018 K.U.B. 300.00
72110 Lumbar Complete w/ Obliques 562.50
77080 Bone Densitometry (Dexa) 411.50
73630 Foot 280.75
73564 Knee Orthopedic 372.00
74019 Abdomen Complete 291.75
72050 Cervical Complete 479.50

Hospital Billing Policies

UPMC Pinnacle Hanover has a trained staff of professionals to help you with your billing needs. As a courtesy to our patients, UPMC Pinnacle Hanover submits claims to all applicable insurances provided at the time of registration.

Once all applicable insurances have paid their obligated portion, UPMC Pinnacle will send a statement to the listed responsible party. If you are unable to pay the amount due, please call one of our customer service representatives immediately to make other arrangements. You can contact a customer service representative by calling 717-316-7877 or 1-800-673-2426 ext. 7877.

Alternate payment options and financial aid are available to qualified patients. If you have questions concerning the Financial Assistance program, please contact a financial counselor at 717-316-6972, 717-316-6973, or 1-800-673-2426 for free, confidential assistance.