Melissa Smeltzer from Imaging – MRI is our FOCUSED Award winner for June 2018. Congratulations!

Melissa was nominated by Melissa Nelson from Imaging – CT Scan, and was “caught” role modeling the Friendly, Communicative, Service-Oriented, Empathetic, and Devoted & Respectful Standards of Performance.


"There was an emergency room patient in need of a stat MRI scan after hours. I offered to the ER physician that I would try to call the MRI technologist at home to see if one would be willing/able to come in to perform the exam. I managed to get a hold of Melissa Smeltzer, who agreed to come in at such a late hour (for an exam that could take up to two hours to complete), even though she wasn’t required to do so. I believe Melissa showed incredible service-oriented care, teamwork, and devotion. Melissa helped this patient avoid unnecessary/possibly un-diagnostic testing by coming in to do the proper imaging procedure. It was greatly appreciated."

~ Melissa Nelson, Imaging – CT Scan

FOCUSED Award Nominees for the month of June

  • HMG Mountain View staff (including Dr. Stephen Naymick, Dr. Linda Neiswender, Katie Higgins, and Lisa Milhimes) – honorable mention
  • Heather Read, HMG Hillside Adult Medicine
  • Christina Spahr, E4
  • Pat Yealy, Facilities
  • Britney Hunt, E4
  • Janice Haller, South Hanover Express Care
  • Rebecca Hanson,Pediatric Specialty Therapy
  • Rod Rosenzweig, Safety & Security
  • HMG Endocrinology staff

Honorable mention nominations:

"I am a [nurse] and had been receiving care from [HMG] Mountain View. I had recently experienced two pregnancy losses within a six-month period. Both were equally devastating and life-threatening.

In particular, Dr. [Stephen] Naymick and Dr. [Linda] Neiswender were excellent! Their proactive responsiveness and efficiency was outstanding. Their compassion towards me and my husband was above my expectations. They both communicated very well with my husband and I with everything they were doing and each step that needed to be done. Dr. Naymick called me personally two times just to check up on me over the weekend. I was impressed. Dr. Neiswender got me back to surgery quickly when things weren’t going well. She even came to the hospital early in the morning prior to seeing patients in the office all day. Her willingness and selfless act doesn’t go unnoticed.

The staff at Mountain View were amazing! Particularly, Lisa [Milhimes] and Katie [Higgins] are assets to your team. I spoke with Lisa on a weekly basis for three months, and she was so caring and approachable. After my second loss, she came into the ultrasound room, gave me a hug, and talked to me. She didn’t rush me or my husband out and just sat and talked with us. Her compassion and respect was huge to us through the news we received. Katie, during my first loss, took care of holding the medicine and giving it to one of the nurses so I didn’t have to hold it, and after my second, cancelled the appointment I had scheduled with maternal fetal medicine that I was dreading [having] to do. Her proactive response and compassion shined through when I didn’t ask her to.

The coordination between office, physician, and hospital was one of the best. They got me in for surgery quickly and responded to my needs timely. The physicians and staff deserve to be recognized for their outstanding care and selfless acts of kindness. As a nurse, the work we do goes unrecognized because we just do it without thinking. This office is one of the best and they put their patients first above all else. That deserves to be praised!"

~ L.B., patient

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