Christina Spahr from E4 is our FOCUSED Award winner for December 2017. Congratulations!

Christina was nominated by Cathy Torgeson, an RN from E4, and was “caught” role modeling ALL of the Standards of Performance. Christina won the FOCUSED Award in November 2014, thus she is the FIRST person in the organization to have won the award TWICE!


"Christina went out of her way to boost the spirits of a long term patient on E4 who is waiting for placement. She not only bought Halloween and fall decorations, but took time out of her day to decorate the patient's entire room. The patient has worsening dementia, and when she is alert she really enjoys this treat and talks to everyone about it, saying how she "has the best room on the floor!

Christina always has the best interest of her patient and always goes the extra mile!"

~ Cathy Torgeson, E4

FOCUSED Award Nominees for the month of December

  • Karen Myers, ED — honorable mention
  • Meghan Gildow, Maternity — two nominations
  • Cathy Mundorff, HMG Littlestown — two nominations
  • Dr. Moushumi Kundu
  • Brandon Bishop, HMG FirstLine Care
  • Angie Hersh, Lab
  • Tanya Goldsmith, Maternity
  • Rachael Gureckis, Maternity
  • Kaylee Sites, HMG Cardiology
  • Stepfanie Lescalleet, HMG Quality
  • Damon Franklin, Facilities
  • Rodney Rosenzwieg, Safety & Security
  • Jennifer Hudgins, PCU
  • Kristen Hughes, GEU
  • Chelsea Fenby, HMG Littlestown

Honorable mention nominations:

"The kindness shown each day at [UPMC Pinnacle Hanover] is humbling. Just this weekend, a patient was brought into the ED as a STEMI. The ED staff overheard her and her husband discussing that it was their anniversary. As the patient was taken right away to the Cath Lab, Karen [Myers] knew she had to do something to keep this couple from only remembering today as an emergency medical event versus their anniversary. Karen went to the gift shop, but it was closed. She then spoke with the concierge who noticed that a woman who helps out with the flowers was present. Karen spoke with the woman and was able to secure a vase of flowers. Karen then wrote a card from the ED staff and took it up the patient in her room where she went after the Cath Lab. This was a touching moment for the family."

~ Anonymous

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