Eric Orndorff and Bobbie Riley from Anesthesia and Radiology is our FOCUSED Award winner for February 2018. Congratulations!

Dr. Orndorff was nominated by Tara Engelhart from the OR for his assistance on the day her daughter Esther (pictured) was delivered. Bobbie was nominated by Courtney Brunner from HMG Cardiology and was “caught” role modeling ALL of the Standards of Performance.


"Working up in the OR with Dr. [Eric] Orndorff, anyone will tell you he is an anesthesiologist you can always ask any question. He is very patient-oriented. [He] shows great respect for his patient and communicates very well with staff. However, [today], I really was grateful for his service.

I was due [in 1.5 weeks]. However I woke up [this morning] with contractions. As my husband and I headed into the hospital, I texted [Dr. Orndorff] letting him know we were heading in, since I knew he was the one on call. He responded that he was already in house and ready for me, knowing I wanted an epidural for my delivery. However, as the drive to the hospital went on, I realized we were not going to make it there in time, so I texted him again saying I don't think we are going to make it there in time. I was later informed that he ran down to Maternity and informed their staff of our situation.

When my husband and I pulled into the ED and my husband helped me onto a stretcher with my little girl on my chest, just delivered, the maternity nurses and Dr. Orndorff were just running out the doors to us. It was perfect timing that they were then able to wheel my baby and me straight up to the Maternity floor to be monitored. His one simple act of being devoted to his patients/coworker, and communicating with the Maternity floor, made a difference in the attention my daughter and I were able to receive right away. I will be forever grateful to him, for what may have seemed a like a simple act to him made a huge difference for us. Thank you so much!"

~ Tara Engelhart, OR

"I reached out to Bobbie in trying to coordinate a CT scan the same day as a nuclear stress test for a patient who lived in East York. The patient was not feeling well and had hopes of getting this done the same day. Bobbie spent her time making the appropriate phone calls to not only ensure that this could be done that same day for the patient, but that we could accommodate this in between his down time during his nuclear stress test. This was so he did not have to stay longer at the hospital that day.

She really went over and beyond the request to see that we could take care of this patient the best way possible in the timeliest manner. She represented all the key core values in this encounter and consistently with every encounter that I have had with Bobbie. She is always kind, devoted, and respectful. Bobbie is a valuable member of UPMC Pinnacle Hanover and has proved to go the extra mile and remain FOCUSED!"

~ Courtney Brunner, Cardiology

FOCUSED Award Nominees for the month of February

  • Ashley Gierhart – Maternity
  • Donna Krebs – Lab
  • Dr. Michael Knolle
  • Dr. Todd Goldberg
  • Jacquelynne Duble – PM&R
  • Kim Hollie – PM&R
  • Martha Yost – Education Services
  • Olivia Helberg – ED
  • Patricia Keffer – EVS
  • Jessica Godfrey, Rose Aumen, Dr. Kelechi Princewill – Imaging Services
  • TCU/Peds staff

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