March 2017 CARNATION Honoree

Congratulations to June Bennett, E4 – Our CARNATION Care Award honoree in March 2017!

Nursing Support Team Members are the “front line” staff in our hospital and work closely with patients, family and other staff to provide safe care during their hospital stay. They build positive relationships with the patients and families which can be key to a successful recovery.

The Carnation Care Award is a quarterly award given to an outstanding Nursing Support Team Member that demonstrates consistent qualities above their expected performance at UPMC Pinnacle Hanover. The staff person must consistently demonstrate excellence through extraordinary service and compassionate care while being a role model for their peers.

  • Compassionate – motivation to help and promote healing
  • Ambition – desire to provide the best care above and beyond
  • Remarkable – extraordinary service and attitude
  • Noble – honors the values, mission and vision of our organization
  • Appreciation – aware of the goal and appreciates teamwork
  • Trustworthy – dependable and flexible
  • Integrity – reliable and honest
  • Outgoing – positive attitude
  • Nurturing – caring towards others

June Bennett, PCA on E4 received four nominations from staff, patients and family members.

"June Bennett went above and beyond to take care of my needs in the hospital. She made me feel like I was very special and just helped me feel cared about and [like I] was an important person. I was here on my birthday and before she left her shift, she came in and said goodbye to me and she brought me a balloon for my birthday. The balloon said, “Angels are watching over you” I truly think she should be noticed for going above and beyond for caring so much. Thank you so much June Bennett, I will never forget you and thank you again for the birthday dinner you gave my boyfriend so he could have dinner with me on my birthday. Take good care of yourself and I pray your dog will be okay."

~ D.S., patient

"We were short an aid until 10 and June took the time to get everyone’s vitals and give a handful of patients pm care. She took the time for us on night shift to help us and gave phenomenal care. June is an excellent team member and goes above and beyond duties for day and night shift staff and patients."

~ Kayla Small, RN
"'I’m her to do whatever it is that you need me to do.' This was the comment I heard when I was passing by room 443 when PCA June Bennett was talking to her patient. June is always pleasant, respectful, has a wonderfully positive attitude and is a motivated team player and patient advocate. I am proud to work with June and recommend her for the Carnation Care Award."


~ Michelle Smith, RN

"I have never had anyone give such amazing care every time she came in the room. Thank her from all of us!"

~ Amanda Darrow, RN on behalf of the family of P.B.

Carnation Recipients