Our Most Recent CARNATION Honoree

Congratulations to Dana Burns, Maternity – Our CARNATION Care Award honoree in March 2018!

Nursing Support Team Members are the “front line” staff in our hospital and work closely with patients, family and other staff to provide safe care during their hospital stay. They build positive relationships with the patients and families which can be key to a successful recovery.

The Carnation Care Award is a quarterly award given to an outstanding Nursing Support Team Member that demonstrates consistent qualities above their expected performance at UPMC Pinnacle Hanover. The staff person must consistently demonstrate excellence through extraordinary service and compassionate care while being a role model for their peers.

  • Compassionate – motivation to help and promote healing
  • Ambition – desire to provide the best care above and beyond
  • Remarkable – extraordinary service and attitude
  • Noble – honors the values, mission and vision of our organization
  • Appreciation – aware of the goal and appreciates teamwork
  • Trustworthy – dependable and flexible
  • Integrity – reliable and honest
  • Outgoing – positive attitude
  • Nurturing – caring towards others

Dana Burns, an OB tech in Maternity, was nominated both by a fellow staff member both for her skill and for being a joy to work with.

"When you have such a talented support staff member, we sometimes forget to recognize them for their invaluable work because they are always there when we need them. They are ready to heed the call, without even being asked, when things go sideways. Knowing that you have talented support staff at your side provides a confidence in a moment of crisis that can even make the difference between a positive or negative outcome as well as helping you retain [your] sanity. [A night last month] was one such a night.

With 5 nurses juggling recovering a PPH [postpartum hemorrhage] receiving blood, a precip delivery [rapid labor] with epidural preparation, an SCN [special care nursery] infant, 3 couplets, and a C/S [cesarean] to boot...challenging is an understatement.

Throughout it all, Dana was once again up to the challenge. Seeing needs to be met, without even being asked, she was proactive in her role. She threw together charts in a pinch, set a table, and gathered supplies for delivery. She sent out a text for help, grabbed scrubs for the [father of the baby], was kind enough to bring the RN stuck in the SCN food, and moved all the C/S patient’s belongings to [her room] (and believe me there was A LOT!), just to mention a few. All of this on top of her surgical duties.

This is not the first time, nor will it be the last. As I think back, there have been many occasions where Dana’s help has been tremendous. Her knowledge and experience are priceless. I know that our department shares my sentiment in just how precious Dana is to have as a member of our staff. Not only is she a skilled, experienced scrub tech, she is so genuine, caring, friendly, and funny. She is such a joy to work with. Thank you for all you do!"

~ Rachel Gureckis, RN, Maternity

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