Joint Replacement Journey

The “Joint Replacement Journey” was created to help patients understand their knee or hip replacement surgeries. UPMC Pinnacle Hanover is proud to offer this unique class as a way to ease patients’ fears and concerns as they prepare for their operations. The program, taught by Orthopedic Nursing, Rehab and Case Management Staff, is held two to three weeks prior to surgery and explains what to prepare for before, during and after surgery. It covers topics like:

  • a pre-op checklist
  • pain management
  • therapy
  • nutrition
  • what to do upon discharge from the hospital

Attendees receive a binder containing all of the information discussed in class that they can use as a reference while at their homes and during their hospital stays. The resource materials also include a list of important phone numbers should patients have any further questions.

Mary Feeser of New Oxford had a second knee replacement surgery. She says that even though she had previously had one knee replacement, the class helped her approach her surgery in a new and beneficial way.

“The first time I had the surgery, I felt totally in the dark,” she says. “This time I was more relaxed and not as anxious. They gave us details and tips about our surgeries that I hadn’t thought of the first time around but were important to my recovery and rehab process.”

In addition to helping patients prepare for surgery, the class offers them the opportunity to interact with other patients undergoing the same operations. Patients also have the chance to meet several nurses and other staff members who will be providing their care during their hospital stays.

Call (717) 632-5259or 1-800-451-9383 for more information.