Urolift for BPH

Men whose lives are interrupted by the bothersome urinary symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate may find relief with the new Urolift® procedure, now offered by HMG urologists Drs. Edward Leventhal and Michael Kane.

Urolift is a newly FDA-approved, minimally invasive treatment for male voiding issues and BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia). The same-day surgical procedure is performed under local anesthesia or light sedation at UPMC Pinnacle Hanover, according to Dr. Leventhal. During the procedure, “anchors” are placed in the prostate lobes, anchoring them laterally to open a channel. Patients can expect to return to work and activities of daily living just 24 hours following surgery.

“Fifty percent of the time, catheterization is not needed afterward,” adds Dr. Leventhal. “Compared to other minimally invasive procedures the effect of Urolift is more immediate, rather than having to wait several months for results. Side effects are typically limited to some frequency and urgency, which subside within seven to ten days. Patients can expect to have an immediate improved flow and ability to empty the bladder, and long term, improvement of nighttime and frequency urination issues.” Those who might benefit from Urolift are men over age 45 who are candidates for surgical procedures such as TURP, laser, prostatectomy or thermal therapy, and those who are unhappy with having to take medicines on a daily basis,” says Dr. Leventhal. The procedure is covered by Medicare and most insurances.

For more information: urolift.com