HanoverWorks Services

Injury management

When a worker is injured, the company incurs cost involved with lost time, lost productivity, medical care and replacement workers. This also has a negative impact on the cost of worker's compensation insurance. Work-related injuries and illnesses need to be treated in a manner that keeps the worker on the job whenever possible.

HanoverWorks provides immediate care and follow up treatment for work-related injuries/illnesses. As a department of Hanover Medical Group, HanoverWorks is able to provide and coordinate injury/illness care on a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week basis through the cooperation of the UPMC Pinnacle Hanover Emergency Department.

For effective management of injuries, case management is provided at no extra cost if requested. Case management is a process with the goal of a positive outcome for both the injured worker and the employer. It involves ongoing assessment of the health and work status of the worker. Work related injuries and illnesses are managed to facilitate communication between all involved and to coordinate medical care to achieve the highest level of outcome. The focus is to promote quality, safe and cost-effective care while achieving the goal of returning the injured worker to pre-injury health and work status.

Physical Examination Services


The employment process begins with a pre-employment assessment to insure that the new employee is appropriately placed. The evaluation provides a baseline for future reference.


Medical monitoring and associated testing for exposures to workplace hazards such as noise, chemicals or heavy metals should take place initially and periodically based on exposure or as mandated by federal regulations. These evaluations are provided in accordance with the OSHA guidelines.

Department of Transportation

Federal Motor Carriers Association examinations are performed by Certified Medical Examiners and in accordance with federal DOT regulations. Penn DOT examinations are provided to meet state regulations.


Return-to-work examinations are performed to determine ability to work following recovery from illness or injury.

Substance Abuse Testing

Another important service offered is substance abuse testing. It has been well established that substance abuse has a devastating effect on employers. Substance abuse has been highly associated with employee absenteeism, lower productivity, workplace fatalities, increased medical costs, increased workers' compensation costs, theft and violence. Pre-employment drug testing can assist employers in avoiding hiring employees with a substance abuse problem that could result in these costly behaviors. Random selection and post-accident testing will deter the use of drugs or alcohol once an employee is working and will promote a healthier workplace. The substance abuse testing services are provided by trained and certified staff. HanoverWorks offers a full range of substance abuse testing as listed below.

  • Urine collection and analysis by certified testing laboratory for DOT and non-DOT
  • Collection only
  • Medical Review Officer
  • DOT and non-DOT Consortiums
  • DOT and non-DOT Breath Alcohol Testing

Other services

  • Hepatitis A & B Immunization Programs
  • Flu Vaccinations
  • Audiometric Screening
  • Pulmonary Function Tests
  • Vision Screening
  • X-ray
  • Laboratory Services

Onsite Services

To better serve employers and prevent employees from having to leave the workplace some of the mentioned services can be provided at the job site.

For a full list of available services, please view the Employer Authorization Form..

Web Based Reporting Services

  • eScreen

    Web based management system that allows employers to schedule, track, access and report drug screen and breath alcohol results in an expedient manner. HanoverWork’s can transition employers to this online system without additional expense.

    Web based management systems that offer clear, concise injury, drug and TB screening, immunization, physicals and scheduling information on your employees treated at any of our facilities.

Wellness Services

The entire process of managing the health of workers is financially rewarding to employers because a healthy workforce is a productive one. Often substance abuse testing and other programs promoting wellness will earn a company reduced rates for health insurance. HanoverWorks will assist your organization in providing wellness programs to your employees.

Referral process

An Employer Authorization Form should be completed to request services when possible. New injuries and emergencies are seen on a walk-in basis. Appointments can be made but aren't required for physical examinations, rechecks and injuries that do not require immediate attention.