Summer Safety Tips

Posted Date: 7/31/2017

When the thermometer heats up and schools let out, hospitals brace themselves as injuries to children start to rise. Here are some tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics, to help keep your kids safe.
• Never leave children alone - in or near the pool or spa, even for a moment.
• Practices and games played in the heat should be shortened and include frequent water breaks.
• Use insect repellents containing DEET to prevent insect related diseases.
• Kids need to wear a helmet on every bike ride. Set the example, and wear your helmet.
• Proper protective gear is also a necessity on skateboards, scooters, inline skates, and A.T.V.s.
• Kids should be 12 or older to operate a push mower and wear sturdy shoes and eye protection.
• Always leave the fireworks to the Pros.

Hanover Hospital wishes you a safe and fun-filled summer.

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