Online Tobacco Cessation Support Groups

Posted Date: 7/26/2018

Did you know that support is only a click away for tobacco users, ex-tobacco users, family members and friends?

UPMC Pinnacle now offers virtual support groups on Facebook that provide a general overview of tobacco use addiction, complications of use, benefits of quitting, treatment options, and resources. These groups serve to encourage and provide supportive tools for its members.

Our support groups are a place for communication and for people to come together around a common issue, discuss topics, and tell their stories. Members can share inspirational thoughts, latest updates, photos, and upcoming events. Through interactive features that include videos, posts, and activities, we discuss the quitting process and offer support from our team and other members through our online community.

Chat and connect with other members who understand what you are going through. Join our virtual group today for support and helpful resources throughout your quit attempt and beyond. Signing up is quick, easy and free to access at any time.

Our 2 groups consist of:
UPMC Pinnacle Tobacco Cessation Support Group (for the general public)
Living a Life Without Tobacco: A Support Group for Moms and Moms-To-Be

Click on a link above to join today.