Medical Minute - 3-D Mammography

Posted Date: 10/16/2016

Introducing 'Medical Minute' - broadcasting on WGTY and WYCR. In this week's edition, learn more about the new 3-D mammography.

Recently, the American Cancer Society released new guidelines for breast cancer screening. For women at average risk, annual mammogram screenings should start at age 45. It is well known that early detection through mammography can be a life saver, but did you know that all mammograms are not the same. New 3-D mammography has proven to be superior to the existing digital technology. 3-D mammography produces a 3-dimensional image of the breast by using several x-rays obtained at different angles. This advanced method offers increased cancer detection and decreases call back rates. 3-D mammography takes less than 10 seconds for the imaging and the x-ray dose is similar to that of traditional mammograms. Diagnosing breast cancer at its earliest stages is the key. Don't put off this vital screening. Make your 3-D mammogram appointment today!

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