Congratulations to Erin Shock and Chris Warner, August FOCUSED Award winners!

Posted Date: 8/25/2017

Erin and Chris were nominated anonymously and were “caught” role modeling ALL of the Standards of Performance.

Excerpt from their nomination:

"The ED deals with difficult patients, but a few weeks ago the patient was a foster child and this child needed 1:1 attention from the staff for a period of 3 days. Erin was friendly and devoted to this child, even bringing in toys and clothes from home so the child would have something to occupy their mind and something to wear. She advocated for the patient and was able to essentially push for this child to return to foster care versus psychiatric, which the patient did not need...Chris stood out as he truly understood that the child's behaviors were caused by the situation. The child even asked for Chris by name and called him their "buddy.""

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