Congratulations to Becky Sterner, our October 2017 FOCUSED Award winner!

Posted Date: 10/20/2017

Rebecca (Becky) Sterner was nominated by her coworker, Donna, and was “caught” role modeling the Friendly, Owner-minded, United, Service-oriented, Empathetic and Devoted & respectful Standards of Performance.

Excerpt from her nomination:

"I am nominating Rebecca (Becky) Sterner for this FOCUSED award because she exemplified what we all work so hard to accomplish. I had a patient in the CT Scan area who was on home oxygen. She had left her house that morning thinking she was going to a routine doctor's appointment. It turned into a trip to Hanover Hospital for STAT lab work and a CT Scan. .... When I did her scan, I noticed that her home oxygen tank was running low. ...

When I went to switch her tank back to her home tank, it ran for a few minutes then was empty. I switched the patient back to our hospital tank while I investigated if we had oxygen we could send home with the patient. After speaking with Respiratory and not having any solution, the patient stated that she only lived a few blocks away and she would be fine driving herself home. I was NOT comfortable with that. Becky overheard our conversation and volunteered to follow the patient home since she was off in 5 minutes. ..."

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