Cherry Tree Rehab Flooring Replacement Scheduled

Posted Date: 6/11/2018

Cherry Tree Rehab will be closed to patient care during the weeks of June 25 and July 2, due to flooring replacement. Staff and patients will temporarily be relocated to the Hillside Rehab/Medical Fitness Center, Suite 100, during that time.

There will be some temporary modification of spaces at the Hillside location to accommodate the additional patients and staff. Some equipment from Cherry Tree will be temporarily relocated to Hillside to allow for the additional Cherry Tree patient care at that location. We will still be maintaining an active waiting room and front desk presence at Cherry Tree during this time to handle phone calls, admin work and any walk in patients.

We will still be seeing speech patients (in the speech therapy room) and any work tolerance screens (in the lower level). The admin space at Cherry Tree will also still be maintained with working admin staff.

During that time the flooring in the main gym of Cherry Tree will be removed and replaced. Additional repairs will be made to other portions of the flooring in select other areas during that time as well.

Cherry Tree Rehab
785 Cherry Tree Ct. Hanover, PA