Diabetes Services

Individual Outpatient Consultations

An individual appointment includes a needs assessment, the development of individual goals, discussion of the disease process, self-management training and follow-up to assist individuals and their families in dealing with lifestyle changes related to diabetes management.

Injection Technique

Individual instruction is provided for individuals new to insulin and other injectable medications.

Gestational Diabetes Program

This program provides nutrition counseling, discussion of gestational diabetes and monitoring equipment necessary for the management of gestational diabetes and achievement of treatment goals.

Blood Glucose Monitoring

Individual instruction in monitoring blood sugar levels is provided for individuals. Blood sugar goals are discussed and each participant is given a blood glucose meter that best suits his/her needs and meets insurance criteria.

Other Services

Individualized services are available for children and adolescents, the learning disabled, the visually and/or hearing impaired and non-English speaking participants.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Nutrition therapy is provided by a registered dietitian with a special interest in diabetes to assist individuals in their meal planning needs and nutritional requirements.